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Colour - Open

Dinah Jayes The Strange Assignation FIAP Gold United Kingdom
Vladimir Morozov Poppy FIAP Silver Ireland
marco bartolinii Blue City FIAP Bronze Italy
Vladimir Proshin On The River PSA Gold Russia
Terry Donnelly Gold Carolina PSA Silver United Kingdom
Bernd Mai Hello World PSA Bronze Germany
Rod Wheelans Brothers Then And Now Judge's Medal - Gabriel O'Shaughnessy (IPF Silver Medal) Scotland
Peter Hammer Colours Of The Aurora Salon Gold (SACC Medal) Australia
Sami Lommi Countdown To Extinction Salon Silver (SACC Medal) Finland
steven whittaker Emp Salon Bronze (SACC Medal) United Kingdom
Les Forrester Shy Girl FIAP Ribbon/HM England
joao taborda Young Festival FIAP Ribbon/HM Portugal
Manfred Kluger Peacock Dance 1 FIAP Ribbon/HM Germany
Ross McKelvey Lady Chainmail FIAP Ribbon/HM Ireland
Michael Krier Crypt At Saintes FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
john hooton The Stones Of Minard FIAP Ribbon/HM Ireland
Adrian Lines Dance PSA Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Michael Maguire Morning Mist PSA Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
SUBRATA BYSACK Wondering PSA Ribbon/HM India
MAI THIEN BUI Crossing The Sand Dunes PSA Ribbon/HM Vietnam
arthur roy A Novice Rider PSA Ribbon/HM Australia
chee sing loh Robberfly 71 PSA Ribbon/HM Malaysia

Monochrome - Open

Lung-Tsai WANG Snow Rush FIAP Gold Taiwan
Jordi Egea Torrent Camí Dins El Delta FIAP Silver Spain
Les Forrester The Catwalk FIAP Bronze England
Michael Maguire Hard Weather PSA Gold United Kingdom
Barry Walsh A Cloud PSA Silver Ireland
Dinah Jayes Soft Touch PSA Bronze United Kingdom
Chau Kei Checky LAM 3 Sparking Judge's Medal - Bob Underhill (IPF Silver Medal) Hong Kong
Dean Fearn Urban Fighter Salon Gold (SACC Medal) New Zealand
Lynne Morris Silhouette Of 3 Salon Silver (SACC Medal) Wales
David Laronde Two Dancers Leaping Salon Bronze (SACC Medal) Canada
SUBRATA BYSACK Eye To Eye 2 FIAP Ribbon/HM India
Neil Scott Corps De Ballet FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Paul Keene Tibetan Schoolgirl 7573 FIAP Ribbon/HM England
Josef Obertscheider Hand FIAP Ribbon/HM Austria
Mamdooh Alsaleh Tea Party FIAP Ribbon/HM Bahrain
David Gibson Steamy Encounter FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Sami Lommi Game Over PSA Ribbon/HM Finland
Gabriel Tudosescu Angel PSA Ribbon/HM Romania
Ross McKelvey Does My Bottom Look Big In This PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Eimhear Collins Seapoint PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Tony Murray The Bridge, Valencia PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
haitham al farsi Hiding My Self PSA Ribbon/HM Oman


arthur roy Chasing Fish FIAP Gold Australia
Paul Keene Migrant Hawker 1142 FIAP Silver England
Eddie Kelly Forest Family FIAP Bronze Ireland
Lajos Nagy Bee Eaters With Grasshoppers PSA Gold Romania
Gary Brennand Nemo Hiding PSA Silver Australia
Wendi Donaldson Whale Tail PSA Bronze Canada
Josef Kastner Encounter Judge's Medal - Sandy Cleland (IPF Silver Medal) Austria
phillip kwan Snowy Owl Landing Salon Gold (SACC Medal) Canada
Frederic Anterion Sharky Smile Salon Silver (SACC Medal) France
Maureen Toft Leopardess With Kill Salon Bronze (SACC Medal) England
Sirzat Temiz Pinky2 FIAP Ribbon/HM Turkey
Avanish Rajan Baboons Wrestle At Masaai Mara FIAP Ribbon/HM India
Roger Jourdain Chacals A Chabraque No1 FIAP Ribbon/HM France
Keith Snell Polar Bear On Ice FIAP Ribbon/HM England
Geoff Smith Red Deer In Snowfall FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Eng Siong Yeo Showing Claws FIAP Ribbon/HM Singapore
Paul Tips Mating Yellow Dung Flies PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Neville Turton Great Grey Owl Digging Voles PSA Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Michael Krier Snakeshead Fritillaries PSA Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Edwina Beaumont Bee Orchid PSA Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Donal Mullins Struthio Camelus With Discarded Egg PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Moira Gardner Green Crowned Brilliant On Costus PSA Ribbon/HM Scotland


Jordi Egea Torrent Cala Cap Roig FIAP Gold Spain
Terry Donnelly Cloud Maker FIAP Silver United Kingdom
Lung-Tsai WANG Woodland FIAP Bronze Taiwan
Les Forrester The Defender PSA Gold England
Paul Stanley End Of Day PSA Silver Ireland
Andy Fryer Storm Clearing In The Glen PSA Bronze United Kingdom
Niall Whelan Tower Bay Judge's Medal - Wesley Law (IPF Silver Medal) Ireland
Tony Murray The Pier 4373 Salon Gold (SACC Medal) Ireland
Des Daly A Bridge Too Far Salon Silver (SACC Medal) Ireland
Eimhear Collins The Fairy Tree2 Salon Bronze (SACC Medal) Ireland
Martin Fry Explosive Force FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
john flynn Calm Jetty FIAP Ribbon/HM Ireland
Cathy Roberts Two Benches In The Snow FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Bobby Bracken Sugar Loaf Rock FIAP Ribbon/HM Australia
Kieran Russell Tra Na Mbo Lightning FIAP Ribbon/HM Ireland
David Wheeler Carpet Of Frost FIAP Ribbon/HM England
Rick Whitacre Alamere Falls Milky Way PSA Ribbon/HM United States of America
Vicki Moritz Val D Orica Pastures PSA Ribbon/HM Australia
Rosemary Hughes Untitled 0163 Edit PSA Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Peter Hammer Sunset At Lake Wanaka PSA Ribbon/HM Australia
john hooton Three Sisters PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Peter Zajfrid Lost In Fog PSA Ribbon/HM Slovenia


cheryl wild Fallen FIAP Gold Wales
Colin Harrison The Survivor 2136 FIAP Silver United Kingdom
Eileen Murray Freedom FIAP Bronze England
Mikhail Bondar Attachment To The Sea 15 PSA Gold Ukraine
Roger Lancaster Eye Witness PSA Silver Australia
Jan Pudney Perched PSA Bronze Australia
paul power Tales From The Promised Land Judge's Medal - Karen Berry (IPF Silver Medal) Ireland
Roger Hinton Moving On Salon Gold (SACC Medal) Scotland
joan blease The 3 Graces Salon Silver (SACC Medal) United Kingdom
Lynne Morris The Early Bird Salon Bronze (SACC Medal) Wales
Derek Galon The Dentist FIAP Ribbon/HM Canada
Claude SIMON Festin FIAP Ribbon/HM Belgium
Ross McKelvey Alone FIAP Ribbon/HM Ireland
Adrian Lines Regular Maintenance FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Martin Fry Row On Row FIAP Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
Jonas D. Madsen Moon Bats And Fire FIAP Ribbon/HM Denmark
Joe Grabham Three Wise Bankers PSA Ribbon/HM United Kingdom
alice daly Babes In The Wood PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Fearghal Breathnach Inner Demons PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Manfred Kluger Last Samurai PSA Ribbon/HM Germany
Paul Reidy Hayleigh's Dream PSA Ribbon/HM Ireland
Kai Lon Tang Witch PSA Ribbon/HM Macao

Photo Travel

Sio Hong Fong Fisherman Cast Net FIAP Gold Macao
chan ieong tam Rolling Fireworks FIAP Silver Macao
Anne Greiner Duck Lady Camlihemsin FIAP Bronze United Kingdom
DAVID POEY-CHER TAY T2 Making Nets PSA Gold Singapore
Rod Wheelans Bent By Work PSA Silver Scotland
Saeed Dhahi Future Study PSA Bronze Bahrain
phillip kwan Aurora Over Teepee Judge's Medal - Gabriel O'Shaughnessy (IPF Silver Medal) Canada
Josef Kastner Prayer Salon Gold (SACC Medal) Austria
Yi Wan Diaoyang Race Salon Silver (SACC Medal) China
MAI THIEN BUI In The Salt Fields 2 Salon Bronze (SACC Medal) Vietnam
Zhiguo Song Housewife FIAP Ribbon/HM China
Thach Nguyen Ngoc Vu Dieu Bana 1 FIAP Ribbon/HM Vietnam
marco bartolinii Fez 7 FIAP Ribbon/HM Italy
Roger Jourdain Sowing In India FIAP Ribbon/HM France
Paul Keene Surfers Paradise 2770 FIAP Ribbon/HM England
Tony Mc Donnell Ballinasloe Horse Fair FIAP Ribbon/HM Ireland
Maureen Toft Listening In PSA Ribbon/HM England
Stuart Chape Bhutan Festival 6 PSA Ribbon/HM Samoa
Joseph Tam Spiritual Dash PSA Ribbon/HM Australia
haitham al farsi Old Marma PSA Ribbon/HM Oman
Yue Liu Pamir Buzkashi PSA Ribbon/HM China
Daniel LYBAERT Het Grote Gat PSA Ribbon/HM Netherlands

RPS Awards

Mikhail Bondar Attachment To The Sea 2 RPS Gold Ukraine
Ross McKelvey Free Spirit RPS Silver Ireland
Jordi Egea Torrent Fustes I Cordes A Leucate RPS Bronze Spain
joan blease The Ice Queen RPS Ribbon United Kingdom
Les Forrester Storm Chasing RPS Ribbon England
Jordi Egea Torrent Roques Planes RPS Ribbon Spain
Janet Haines Monalisa In White RPS Ribbon England
Vladimir Proshin Promenade RPS Ribbon Russia
Peter Hammer A Day At The Beach RPS Ribbon Australia

Other Awards

Adrian Lines FIAP Blue Badge United Kingdom
Adrian Lines Forbidden Fruit Salon Chairman's Award - Michael O'Sullivan (IPF Silver Medal) United Kingdom
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