Gabriel O’Shaughnessy FIPF FRPS MFIAP - Ireland

Gabriel O’Shaughnessy, Judge 2nd Cork Salon Gabriel has been a member of Dundalk Photographic Society for 20 years and has achieved fellowships from both the Irish Photographic Federation and the Royal Photographic Society. He is also one of only four Irish photographers to have been awarded an MFIAP distinction.

He sees photography as a means of self-expression, an art form that allows us portray reality and fantasy side by side. He enjoys all aspects of photography and especially the challenge to convey a mood or a feeling that goes beyond the image itself and connects with the viewer.

Gabriel is an experienced judge and speaker at national and international level and is also a current member of the IPF distinction adjudication panel.

Karen Berry FRPS AFIAP - Scotland

Karen Berry, Judge 2nd Cork Salon Karen has been a member of Edinburgh Photography Society for many years and has extensive experience judging and competing at national and international level with numerous awards to her name.

Her love of photography started when she was only nine year old and she now holds a fellowship with the Royal Photographic Society with a natural history panel of prints. Aside from natural history, she is also drawn to monochrome and creative photography.

Karen is a member of the Licentiate Panel of the Royal Photographic Society and also an elected member of the Advisory Board of the Royal Photographic Society.

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Bob Underhill AIPF APAGB – England

Bob Underhill, Judge 2nd Cork Salon

Bob has been interested in Photography since his school days and in 1964 he joined Smethwick Photographic Society, which is now the UK’s largest and most successful Photography Club. He has served on their committee for most of that time, including three terms as President.

He does not specialise in any one subject but takes all types of images, which he thinks will help him when selecting to be open and fair to all. During his time in club photography he has competed in competitions and exhibitions gaining many acceptances and more than his fair share of awards. He was a professional photographer for many years before retiring but he still finds no greater pleasure that from being out with the cameras looking for the next pleasing image and still getting that same old buzz.

For many years Bob has given talks to clubs and judged at all levels from small clubs to International Exhibitions. He enjoys the changing styles now being produced by many photographers, which helps to keep it interesting from the viewers prospective.

Wesley Law ARPS EFIAP/Silver – Ireland

Wesley Law, Judge 2nd Cork Salon Wesley has been involved in photography since 2008. Interested in all photographic styles and subjects, he finds himself mostly drawn to capturing landscape images. He has actively been participating in salons since 2010, which has led to the EFIAP/Silver distinction and over 250 awards.

Along the way his success has brought invitations to visit Qatar, Spain and Indonesia. "I have met a lot of the photographers whose images have inspired me. It's a great pleasure to spend time with like minded people and explore new places

Sandy Cleland FRPS AFIAP

Sandy Cleland, Judge 2nd Cork Salon Sandy first ventured into photography when he was 13 with standard 8mm Cine film and was influenced to capture nature on film by TV shows such as ‘Look’ with Peter Scott and the ‘On Safari’ series with Armand and Michaela Dennis.

He has been a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society for over 40 years and has held the positions of President and International Exhibition Secretary and is currently their External Competition Secretary.

He holds a fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society and currently sits on their Distinctions Advisory Board. In October 2005 he was awarded the RPS Fenton Medal for services to photography.

For Sandy, natural history has always been and still is his main interest but he enjoys all types of photography, especially subjects such as People and the more creative aspects of image making.

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